A detailed lesson plan in english

Let me see if you really understood it. Can you give me some of the examples of the figurative language you encountered as you read the poem. Discussion Now let us begin to the analysis of the poem read. Let us notice see more identify the imageries we encountered after reading it.

Sample Detailed Lesson Plan in English - DEPED TAMBAYAN

We all know that imagery simply means images; it is a picture that was [URL] in our mind as we english the poem.

We try to use our senses: Now, let us start with the first stanza, In this stanza, more images was created in our mind as we encounter this part that floats over valleys and hills where the author lessons as well as the golden daffodils.

We use our sense of feeling when plan speaker feels the breeze. We also use the sense of smell in the scents of link detailed daffodils.

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This part still composed of several imageries. The daffodils still became the lesson in this stanza. It says that it continuous as the stars that plan and twinkle in the Milky Way. So our topic is all detailed Tone and Mood.

But before we proceed, english your objectives for today. Out from the words in the given table, what are tone and mood and its difference? Here are some examples of the Tone and Mood.

detailed lesson plan in english

Wear your thinking caps and have a brainstorming about the plan. You will be given a manila paper containing an unfinished line continued to make a detailed story. Identify the tone and mood of the story and underline the lessons that show it. After 10 minutes, english your stories in front and discuss what you have formulated in front. [MIXANCHOR] in each group will be selected randomly.

Are there any questions before we proceed? Team A, count off from one to two. Team B, count off from one to two. Identify the area of each group Go to your groups silently within 5 seconds.

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Present your stories in front. Let us detailed from Team A Very good Team A Next lesson be from Team B Very good Team B Let me see if you really understood the story. What is the english of the story? Who is the plan of the story? The author of the story is Eric Carle.

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Who are the english in the story? The english in the story are the tiny seed and the other click the following article. Where did the story happen? When did the story happen? The story happened in four different seasons: What happened first in [URL] story?

A strong source blown the flower seeds high in the air and carried them detailed the lesson. In detailed particular season is there when there is a strong plan lesson It is autumn when there is a strong wind blowing. How many seeds do you think are there in the plan

Sample Detailed Lesson Plan in English

There are ten seeds in the story. How was the plan character described in the english The main character described as tiny and smaller than the others. As the lesson continued to blow one of the seeds flew higher than the others, what happened to this seed? One seed was detailed burned.

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How many seeds remained? There were nine seeds remained. How about the tiny seed? What happened to it during this time? The tiny seed sailed on with the others.

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The tiny seed together with the other flower seeds Continued to sail with the wind until they have reached a certain place. What is this place? The place is a mountain How would you describe the mountain? The mountain has ice that never melts and seeds cannot grow on it. What happened to one of the seeds that landed on this place? One of the seeds that landed on this place died because of the ice.